There is one Grand Prize Winner and five First Prize Winners in the Wawa Survey Prize. These winners were picked from all the entries that were qualified and came from all 10 Sponsor zones.

Take Wawa Survey


Take Wawa Survey

The Grand Prize winner will get a year of free subscriptions. To avoid any confusion, the Grand Prize is one Classic Hoagie every week for fifty-two (52) weeks. As a bonus, the winner will also get fifty-two (52) coupons good for a free standard hoagie.

What Rewards MyWawaVisit Survey Sweepstakes Offer

Take Wawa Survey

They have a membership program called “WaWa Rewards” that gives you access to special deals and savings. If you spend at least $50 on certain items, you’ll get a prize. Additional bonuses will be available all year long. You’ll get an offer for a free drink of your choice when you sign up.

A points account and the WaWa app can help you get the most out of your money when you shop at WaWa. To quickly earn points, you can either scan your reward card at the register or use the app.

The customer will have many chances to win prizes if they fill out the poll. It’s possible that they could be let into the game. The chance to win a $500 Wawa gift card and a $75 gift basket is open to everyone.

The person who earns the most points in the Wawa rewards program will get a $500 gift card to the Wawa store and a gift basket with different Wawa goods worth about $75. The Wawa rewards program will give something away to 51 people in total.

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